The Big Landscape for the art, craft & design curriculum

Use the Big Landscape as you plan, develop and review, so you can build a fit-for-purpose, 21st-century curriculum with your learners and community at its heart.
The Big Landscape maps the breadth and scope of our subject, using three big questions to guide you – What? Why? How?

The What, Why and How of the Big Landscape


Asking ‘what’ will determine the concepts and content driving each lesson, project and your overarching curriculum.

Ask what:
  • do you want learners to know, understand and be able to do?
  • knowledge, concepts, skills, techniques or processes do you include?
  • is the time frame over which this will be taught?
  • Is the regional, national curriculum? are the targets and learning objectives?
  • do you need to include to ensure breadth and balance?
  • (If applicable) are the exam board requirements to be considered?
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Asking ‘Why’ will develop focus, purpose and depth to the learning in our subject. Why does this learning matter?

Ask why:
  • these themes and dimensions?
  • these skills, this knowledge and understanding?
  • these attributes and habits?
  • these creative and critical thinking skills
  • these aspects of learning?
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Asking ‘How’ will help you decide how to organise learning and teaching.

How will you:
  • organise the studio environment?
  • plan learning experiences that are exciting, relevant and engaging?
  • select and apply pedagogical models and learning approaches to inform better practice?
  • sequence and order?
  • review curriculum for challenge and progression?
  • know that you are achieving your aims?
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Finding your pathway

The Big Landscape Map will help you to plan, develop and review your art, craft and design curriculum

Explore the Big Landscape Map

Our Big Landscape Finding your Pathway – A checklist Curriculum Design and Review will help you to start your journey

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