Attitudes, Behaviours & Habits

This page summarises the intellectual and personal characteristics that enable young people to confidently and effectively navigate the process of realising the creative potential of an art, craft and design project, supporting Creative Habits of the Mind. The following paragraphs set out the behaviours and attributes that support creative habits of mind which underpin projects undertaken in all visual media.  

Highly effective creative habits can be established from a young age by building intuition and instinctive judgement through experience. They can also develop from focused and structured processes of reflection and collaboration.

Establishing these behaviours and attitudes within the creative learning environment provides inspirational, diverse and robust experiences that equip young people with the capacity and confidence to tackle visual, technical and conceptual problems.  

Attitudes, behaviours and habits develop the intellectual and personal characteristics in children and young people that enable them to be and become confident and effective creative practitioners.

This includes:

  1. Core learning behaviours 
  2. A growth mindset (believing that a person's abilities aren't innate but can be improved through effort, learning, and persistence) and metacognition (the process of thinking about one's own thinking and learning)
  3. Social and emotional intelligence 
  4. Creative thinking 
  5. Creative problem-solving 


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