Children Working as and Becoming: Artists, Makers and Designers

Children working as and becoming artists, makers and designers is about enabling time and space for active participation to nurture their creative expression and imagination, to encourage artistic exploration and risk-taking and the communication of their own ideas.

By experimenting with different art, craft and design mediums, materials, and techniques, and by taking inspiration from a diverse range of artists, makers and designers from different periods of time and cultures, children can come to understand the process, nature and purpose of art and design.

Children are able to create individual and collaborative artworks that connect with and represent creative, emotional, social, or environmental points of reference.

By laying these foundations at an early age, children are equipped for the next stages of their art and design education journey, and their potential future career aspirations and pathways.  

Roles include:

  • Conceptualist
  • Artist
  • Creative
  • Craft-Maker
  • Product-Maker
  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Media Designer 
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