Digital Citizenship

'On a simplistic level, we might take digital citizenship as the ability to access digital technologies and stay safe…However, we also need to consider and understand the complexities of citizenship as we start to become a digital citizen, using digital media to actively participate in society and political life.

So, digital citizenship is the ability to safely and responsibly access digital technologies, as well as being an active and respectful member of society, both online and offline.

A digital citizen is a person who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and digital technologies. 

They’re also people who use digital technologies and the internet in appropriate and responsible ways in order to engage and participate in society and politics. 

Effectively, anyone who uses modern digital technology can be considered a digital citizen. However, a good digital citizen is someone who is informed about the various issues that come with the incredible benefits of technology. This is why it’s so essential to teach digital citizenship in schools and other educational institutions. 

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